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Last night I convinced a 2018 senior that I had a vision of a photoshoot and would she have time to help me out. The answer was yes so despite that it was windy and cold she waited for us to get to the track after her track practice. I used my new rolling light stand, a beauty dish, my large AD360 MoLight and two of my smaller MoLight flashes. I wanted to have a rim light from the back and the butterfly light using the beauty dish. I also used an extra MoLight on the right front because it was too dark on the block photos. I used a magmod grid with an orange gel to control the light from the back so it didn't spray all over the track. I included a photo of a behind the scenes so you can see my light stand. My brother in law helped me figure it out. I got the idea from Michelle Michelle Quinn and kind of made it my own. CC welcome I had the flash behind her on the ground a couple hards back. With the photo of the hurdles I had my husband hold the gelled flash pointing it towards her from the side

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