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Surprise engagement at the Jitney!

Yesterday afternoon I received an interesting e-mail from Joe. I did not know him at all but he was looking for a photographer to catch the surprise proposal he had planned for his girlfriend. He was headed to the Jones County Fair from Iowa City to see Jason Aldean with her and had originally wanted to pull her up on stage and have me take photos there. However, after calling a few people he soon found out that was impossible to pull off. Next was plan B to meet me with her and find another place in Monticello but still outside. Well yesterday we basically had a monsoon about the time he wanted to pull this off. I suggested a small park near my daughter and son-in-laws house , but more rain made that impossible. Plan C was to do it at the Gazebo at Riverside Gardens. After checking that location I found it blocked off for the fair. Then Plan D developed. Why not go to the Jitney and propose there. However, I did not know it was going to be so busy. The Jitney was kind enough to reserve a table for them in the back even though they sure could have used it for more customers. I became a little nervous finding a place to look inconspicuous enough so Joe could pull off the surprise without her guessing right away. I did look a little lonely sitting in back by myself with my camera hidden ready for action. They were a bit late because in his nervousness he forgot their tickets to the concert and had to turn around to get them. It all worked out as you can see. I did remind them I do take wedding photos too!!

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