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Senior Dining Tea Party

Working on a montage of all the volunteers (I hope I got them all in ) that I took the day of their tea party. Not perfect but that'a a lot of people. It's pretty amazing to see how they all work together. My sister and I enjoyed having our mother honored at their party.

A photo taken by Andrea Chapman on the wall at Senior Dining of my mom wearing a special Thanksgiving hat.

One of the special tea cups and saucer all ready for the 12th.

Regina Engelbart is one of the kindest people I know. She is the "boss" at Senior Dining. Today I visited her at her work to see how we were going to arrange for the tea party that is scheduled for April 12th. I volunteered to take photos of all those in attendance with their special tea cups and hats. I'm doing this in honor of my mom, Emily Boots, who loved to volunteer at senior dining. In fact she was buried with her Senior Dining shirt on. I know Mom would have loved what Regina has organized for the 12th. We hope to get a good group in attendance.

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