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Memphis Monday

Memphis always comes to stay on Mondays. Some days I can convince him to pose for me. Today was one of those days. We also had "tea" (apple juice) and crackers with fruit snacks and potato chips to feed him and his bear named"Julia". When I pointed out that the bear was dressed with a blue tie and looked like a boy bear, he just repeated but I just want him to be called Julia. He has the sweetest smile when he's not asking questions nonstop. We also went for a walk to see the almost done bridge. We had to sit on a bench and watch the workmen while I answered many many questions about the bridge. On the way home from the bridge adventure he told me all about how his momma is so so strong because she carried a red chair from the basement to his bedroom all by herself! He's sound asleep now I'm sure thinking of more questions when he wakes up.

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