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Gracie Senior photos

Just wow, right? Beautiful girl and amazing mom and sister to help with the shoot. So many beautiful photos. Hoping to get to watch her play basketball this year for Maq Valley! Congratulations Gracie and wishing you the best senior year ever, you deserve it!

Had to upload one more from Gracie's shoot. My husband saw this Corvette convertible on the street near where we were shooting and said it would really make a good prop for Gracie. I went into the nearby Jitney to see if the owner was there. Of course they were and of course they let us use the car.(only in Monticello right?) She did look pretty awesome in the Vette don't you think? We went back into the Jitney after the shoot to thank the owners and show them the photos. They were pretty impressed! You never know what will come your way if you don't ask. Gracie loved sitting in the Corvette too!

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